The Towpath Volunteers Fife & Drum Corps

The Towpath Volunteers Fife & Drum Corps
The Towpath Volunteers have been bringing Our American Heritage to Life for over 30 years. During this time, the corps found occasions when bringing a very large amount of musicians to an inside performance was overpowering and inappropriate to say the least. About the same time, several members wanted to advance their playing and marching skills to the next level. Hence the creation of the Towpath Volunteers Honor Guard. This group of highly dedicated individuals plays more difficult, intricately arranged music, sometimes incorporating multiple harmonies and advanced marching maneuvers. This group is only for the most dedicated, due to the enormous time requirement for additional practices as well as time to learn new music.

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About the Towpath Volunteers Honor Guard
The Honor Guards tailors its performance unit for the venue size and audience expectations. Performance groups include the "Spirit of 76" group which consists of 2 fifers and a snare drum, to a moderate size group of 6 fifers, 2 snares and a bass drum, to a large group of 20+ musicians. The quality of the performance is always outstanding regardless of what size group is playing. With the skill level as well as individual experience, the group can quickly adjust a performance as time and/or space considerations change. This makes the Honor Guard a perfect choice for any inside performance, such as banquets, meeting entertainment and church services as well as outside performances including dedications or funeral services.

Honor Guard performs at Daffodil Days
The Towpath Volunteers Honor Guard performed for the Daffodil Days celebration at the Parkwood Heights Senior Citizens Complex in Macedon. Even though it was chilly and rainy outside, the crowd was enthusiastic as 12 Honor Guard members played to start the festivities.

Honor Guard
The half hour performance included many familiar patriotic songs that several in the crowd were singing and tapping their feet to. Many members were stopped afterwards and thanked for being there and performing. The festivities were open to the public and free of charge. Many of the members were seen enjoying ice cream sundaes and chocolate dipped strawberries after the performance.

Honor Guard performs on TV

Honor Guard

The Towpath Volunteers Honor Guard performed on the local cable television show "The Music Show" in December 2010.

The Music Show airs on several area Community Access Channels and is hosted by Ray Braselton, (former Towpath Bugler), who owns and operates Braseltons Music in Marion NY.

The show was almost entirely about the Towpath Volunteers Fife and Drum Corps. Discussions included the history of the group, some of the more memorable and larger performances, and what the corps was currently doing today. Some Towpath Volunteers parade footage was also shown.

Now available for all Holidays or Events!
For some time now, the Towpath Volunteers Honor Guard has been providing a unique gift to many over the winter holidays; playing Christmas Carols for individulasas a gift. The buyer sends a written request with a donation to the group and the caroling is scheduled for a date and time the receiver is available. The group would perform three to four Christmas Carols and present a personalized Christmas card especially made for this event to show who the gift was from. In recent years, the group played on four different nights, bringing smiles to many faces, having a lot of fun and earning a little money for the corps.

The program was so successful that the group feels it could be expanded and used for other holidays and occasions, including birthdays. What better way to honor a War Veteran or history enthusiast than to have a group of fifers and drummers come to your doorstep to play "Happy Birthday", a "Military Medley", the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" or a choice of any other songs from the groups repertoire.

For additional information, please contact the corps:

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