The Towpath Volunteers Fife & Drum Corps

The Towpath Volunteers Fife & Drum Corps
The Towpath Volunteers have been bringing "Our American Heritage to Life" since 1978. The group evolves and strives for new and different ways to show the talents and desires of the members. Currently in the planning stages is our newest group, the Patriots!

The idea is for the group is play patriotic songs, new and old, for specialty events, such as returning soldiers, honor flight, or for a patriotic event. The membership make up and schedule are still being planned and information will be listed here as it becomes available.

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Honoring our Military

Honoring our Military is something the Towpath Volunteers Fife and Drum Corps does every time we perform. Yes, we represent the history of our nation by wearing colonial style military uniforms and playing the music the soldiers heard everyday, being entertained while on marches or preparing to go into battle.

Does this mean we are a bunch of war loving mongers? No, of course not! But I personally have a great deal of respect for the men and woman who have joined the military and are willing to do whatever it takes to defend our country or help people in time of trouble.

And now we are forming a group that is willing to play for special events that honor our military, and, perform patriotic music at appropriate gatherings, be it performing the Star Spangled Banner before a baseball or lacrosse game, a returning veteran from overseas duty or something as simple and meaningful as a recruit returning from boot camp.

If this sounds like something you, or anybody you know, would like to do, even if it is only holding a flag or shaking the hand of the honoree, let us know by contacting us at: We would love to have you be part of any special event we play!

Paul Willson
Business Manager
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Fife and Drum Corps Inc.

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