The Towpath Volunteers Fife & Drum Corps

The Towpath Volunteers Fife & Drum Corps
The Towpath Volunteers have been bringing Our American Heritage to Life for over 30 years. From the humble beginning with a few kids playing only three simple songs and never having practiced a corner before our first event, Naples Fireman's Parade in 1978, to becoming one of the Largest, World Traveling, Family Oriented Fife and Drum Corps in the country. In the year 2000, the group adopted the philosophy of fifing and drumming excellence. Within a couple of years, the evidence of our hard work started paying off with the invitation to march in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. The group has continued to grow while keeping it affordable for whole families to march together.

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The invitation to perform at the European Fife and Drum Festival held in Saint Tropez, France in September of 2011 was perhaps the greatest single event the corps has ever undertaken. With the Volunteers attending, the festival was able to call itself a World Fife and Drum Festival and Towpath enjoyed the 'Royal Treatment' they received. Before the the Volunteers had even left Saint Tropez, discussion to return had already begun.

With the exceptional performances witnessed by other European fife and drum corps in Saint Tropez, invitations to other events would soon come. In March of 2014, the Towpath Volunteers continued its World Tour by performing at Historic Carnival in Ivrea, Italy. The group marched in several parades and performed in concerts over the three days in Ivrea. As the news spread that an American Fife and Drum Corps was performing, with coverage in newspapers and television, the crowds grew each day. The locals were thrilled getting pictures taken with the Towpath members, often waiting in line to do so, and being able to talk to or touch them. One evening, the Volunteers performed a concert with several other fife and drum corps.

So what's next for the Volunteers to accomplish? How about holding our own World Fife and Drum Festival! Preliminary discussions have been held on a time frame, venues and possible sponsorship with the event. Most importantly, four groups from France, Italy and Belgium have all expressed a great deal of interest. The enthusiasm is already starting to build! Check the Friendship Festival webpage for the latest details.

With examples like this, how do you say World Class? Easy! Towpath Volunteers!
European Fife and Drum Festival 2011
Saint Tropez, France

How to join the Senior Corps

The Towpath Volunteers Senior corps is a family organization open to anyone interested in preserving Our American Heritage. With musical and non musical sections in the corps, a knowledge of music is not required. Lessons and equipment are provided and there is no cost to join. The group does not have an age limit but to march with a fife or a drum in the Senior Corps, the individual is required to have a number of songs memorized and show they can march with the group. The areas available are the Militia, Camp Followers, Color Guard, Fifes and Snare or Bass Drums. The only restriction is the individual can not be a part of a competing group and be a member of the Towpath Volunteers. The group practices weekly, year round, from 6:30 - 8:00 P.M. Wednesday evenings in the village of Macedon, NY. Please direct any question on joining or hiring the Towpath Volunteers Senior Corps to:

Towpath Volunteers Fife and Drum Corps Inc.
PO Box 31 Macedon, New York 14502 *
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