The Towpath Volunteers Fife & Drum Corps

The Towpath Volunteers Fife & Drum Corps
Members may come and members may go, but the Towpath Volunteer in each of them will stay with them a lifetime! The Alumni Page is dedicated to those members who gave their time to make the Towpath Volunteers the great corps we are today. This page will keep the Alumni up to date with news about each other and upcoming events for them.

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Towpath Volunteers September 1978

Towpath Volunteers Alumni
We are continuing to work on forming an Alumni Association that will keep “family” members who are no longer active participants up to date with the latest news and events from our “active” membership as well as events especially for the Alumni. We need your input for what events you would like to see. If you’re willing and able in helping plan events or help us find “Missing Alumni” by gathering names and addresses, PLEASE let us know. More Information to follow soon!

Note we now have an E-Mail Address just for our Alumni:

Towpath Volunteers Alumni Corps.
Eligibility (Cause everything has rules)

1: Not currently active with another fife and drum corps
2: Alumni in good standing
3: Have some mobility (Wheel chairs and walkers allowed)
4: Willing to purchase and Alumni T-Shirt to march in
*Different colors for different decades*
5: Willing to send Names and Photos of you and family
*Event ID required to enter private picnic*
6: Promise to enjoy seeing and talking to old friends
7: Dance when the Belgium's dance band performs
8: Sign Up before the August 15th Deadline

Rules will be strictly enforced
by our Security Personnel!

1978 to today
37 Years of Fife and Drum Excellence!

E-Mail us today!
Include the Following:
Attending Yes or No
Contact Information
Year(s) Marched
Willing to help plan?
Family Members Attending

Send To:

We will get back to you shortly.

Please visit the Alumni Website at:

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PO Box 31 Macedon, New York 14502 *
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